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Ravencourt began its journey by producing science equipment for the education sector. Initially named Ravencourt Education, the brand transitioned to SATZ, a name already found on our products for several years. Throughout our evolution, our unwavering commitment to superior quality at competitive prices has remained consistent, driving us as we innovate and introduce new product lines.

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Our Story

When Ravencourt was established in 1984 it was to be a manufacturer of science equipment for educational institutions. It was initially known as Ravencourt Education, but it quickly came to realisation people were more familiar with the brand as SATZ due to it being labelled on the products. This is when the brand transitioned to what it is known today, SATZ.

Over the years the company steadily built its reputation for providing reliable and effective products for schools which solidified our position in the market. Through innovation and continuous development, SATZ has continued to introduce new products while maintaining the high standards that customers had come to expect.

Today SATZ stands as a testament to Ravencourt’s enduring legacy, embodying a tradition of excellence that has defined the company since its inception.

Our Values

Along with Ravencourt's core values, SATZ has its own values aswell.

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Our Partners

We wouldn't be able to do what we do without working with some amazing people and businesses. We're proud to be working with the below brands.

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Find Out More

See our most frequently asked questions & learn more about us

Can I purchase from you? I can't see where to go.

You can purchase SATZ products online from any of the partners mentioned above. We can accept orders via email or over the phone and we also offer 30-day credit accounts for schools.

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Can I order spare parts?

We’re delighted to see an increasing demand for this service! While we currently have spare parts available for a selection of products, we’re actively enhancing the repairability of our entire product range by making them more modular. We’re also expanding our stock of spare parts to meet your needs. Feel free to reach out to us via email or over the phone.  

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How do you choose your partners and who you work with?

At Ravencourt we take great care in selecting our partners and collaborators. We believe that strong partnerships are built on shared values, mutual respect and commitment to excellence.

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Can I download copies of instructions?

If you require a copy of the instructions, you can request them via email, and we will send a PDF over to you. We are working on a download centre on the website that will allow customers to access all product documentation including instructions.

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