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Discover Ravencourt’s extensive collection of clocks, a legacy product line originally crafted for schools. With years of expertise, we’ve expanded and refined our offerings to cater to diverse needs. Our clocks feature extra bold dials and hands, ensuring optimal readability even from a distance. Explore our clock range today and find the perfect timekeeping solution for any setting.

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Our Story

Four decades ago, Ravencourt initially focused on manufacturing clocks exclusively for schools. The journey began with a commitment to providing reliable timepieces tailored to educational environments. As time progressed, so did our dedication to quality and precision.

As time passed, Ravencourt evolved and Ravencourt Clocks was born, expanding our clock range to accommodate for diverse needs. From classic analogue designs to modern digital solutions, we embraced innovation while staying true to our core values of durability and readability. This commitment has made our clocks a trusted choice in various settings beyond schools, from offices to healthcare facilities, train stations, and beyond.

In recent times, we introduced a ground-breaking addition to our range: LED digital clocks. They are available in sizes up to 88cm and have been designed to be visible from over 100 meters away. And the story doesn’t end there.

Join us on this journey as we redefine timekeeping for generations to come.

Our Values

Ravencourt Clocks follows the values set out by Ravencourt.

Our Partners

We wouldn't be able to do what we do without working with some amazing people and businesses. We're proud to be working with the below brands.

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Find Out More

See our most frequently asked questions & learn more about us

Didn't you also use to sell school science equipment too?

Yes, and we still do. However. it is on a separate website, to browse our school science equipment please visit www.satzscience.com

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Doesn't Ravencourt make dementia clocks?

Yes, Ravencourt also manufacture and supply clocks that are designed to assist individuals with a cognitive or visual impairment. These can be located on our daily living aids online website- https://storyandsons.com.

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So, you just sell clocks? What makes them better than any other clock?

Ravencourt Clocks are different to others on the market due to the variety of features they include and the variety of locations and users they are suitable for. From high-quality construction, clear display, customisable features to user-friendly design, we have a solution to meet all requirements and needs.

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What is a multibuy discount?

All our products are eligible for various multibuy discounts. By visiting the Ravencourt Clocks website, you can view the available savings for each clock. In theory, the more you buy, the more you save. On large orders we offer up to 15% off the entire order with FREE shipping.

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