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Lighting for the Elderly

Lighting is such an important aspect of the home and can enable people to stay independent for longer. At the age of 60 our eyes need three times as much light to read. Research suggests that straining the eyes to see and to read in unsuitable light conditions can cause damage to the eye.

We haven’t created a lamp to be cheap or to be used as an ornament. First and foremost our lamps are designed to help you to see well. We achieve this by only using only super bright natural colour LED’s. The clarity that our lamps produce has to be seen to be believed and has been a great help to so many of our customers.

As with all our products we put great care into making sure that our lighting range is user friendly. We reject any fiddly or hard to find and operate buttons or switches. Simplicity is key and our lighting looks great in the home as a by-product.

Anybody serious about reading or crafts should definitely try our lamps.