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Satz School Stop Clock ZSC-98A


ZSC-98A Satz School Stop Clock

The ZSC98A is specifically designed for use in schools. The highly accurate quartz stop clock is housed in a robust ABS casing. The two buttons are large and colour coded for clarity. The LCD display is also large and clear. The unit can be used with remote switches, timing gates etc. via the 4mm sockets which are located at the rear of the housing, to keep wires neatly away from the work area in front of the timer.

  • Capacity: 59hrs, 59mins, 59secs
  • Resolution: 1/100secs for first hour, 1 sec thereafter
  • Dimensions: 95x90x75mm
  • Purpose built timer: Unlike many other stop clocks this product does not have to be reset after changing the battery
  • Operation: Simple start/stop and reset
  • Split Timing: Pressing ‘Reset/Split’ button during timing will display the time elapsed to that point, pressing the button again will return the display to the total elapsed time and continue counting until the ‘stop’ button is pressed
  • Display: Large bold 15mm LCD display
  • Casing: High grade ABS plastic designed for strength. Rubber feet for stability. The buttons are large and colour coded for clarity
  • Power: 1 x AA size battery (included). Battery compartment features screw locked cover for added security
  • Theft deterrent: ‘SCHOOL STOP CLOCK’ printed on the front makes this stop clock very obviously out of place if taken from school