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Rosebud Reminder Clock gaining recognition in 2017

The Rosebud Reminder clock has be gaining many fans since it’s release earlier this year. The products growing reputation has seen a number of Local authorities, Retailers and Care providers all getting on board and offering to their customers and service user respectively.

This reputation has again been further enhanced this week with Rosebud being included in the the Access and Mobility Professional publication Products of the Year 2017. you can read about it Here

But What is the Rosebud Reminder Clock?

Well the Rosebud Reminder clock has been a labour of love for Ravencourt, spending months in development with Healthcare professionals, Care givers and reviews by leading Charities to get it to where it is today. The key features like the 17 in built alarms, 4 display screens and audio and visual prompts give this product real purpose to go with the pleasing on the eye frame and bright hi-contrast display. Better still is the fact that you can really make Rosebud your own, with the ability to build your own purpose built alarm files, meaning whoever or whatever needs to be seen and heard can be.

you can read the background to some of the team Here

If after reading that you still aren’t sure why not pop over the our YouTube Channel and watch the video of Rosebud in action.

We are really looking forward to introducing Rosebud to more and more people in 2018. So whether you are someone who is caring for a person with Dementia, a Healthcare Professional who’s patients could benefit or a Retailer beginning to look at which products you should be offering to those with Dementia then this would be a good starting point. To find out more about the Rosebud Reminder Clock click ME

To learn more about Ravencourt’s range of products you can contact us via email and phone

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Supporting our local Alzheimer’s Memory Walk

Ravencourt are really pleased to be getting behind a fantastic local couple who are taking part in the Alzheimer’s Memory walk in Peterborough on the 17th September.

Barrie and Christine will be wheeling their way around the course and any support would be greatly appreciated.

Support here

Lets help them raise as much as we can.

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Who is Rosebud?

When I heard that Ravencourt where developing a reminder clock to help people living with memory loss and cognitive impairment I was very excited. I think their range of products is great and they make are a real benefit to peoples lives. Its good to have someone in the industry constantly pushing things forward.
When I got a call from Oli asking for some help selecting and designing alarm files I said YES straight away. A lot of my patients are living with dementia and Alzheimer’s so I see first hand the problems that arise and a friendly reminder can often make all the difference. Time of day orientation can also be a constant struggle.
After an initial brainstorm the key points for this product we;
1. Keep it simple! We decided that other similar products had been over engineered and filled with unnecessary features that actually detract from the user experience and over complicate the operation.
2. Make it friendly! We wanted to design a product that looked nice someone’s house and that people would relate to.
3. Add up to 20 alarms that would be right for most people, most of the time.
The four different calendar modes had already been designed and when I saw them I was so pleased that they had hit the nail on the head. Covering all bases in a very attractive, simple and informative design.
Calendar mode 1

This is my favourite of the calendar modes. Not only does it feature the Time, Day, date and time of day it also has a visual of a sun during the day and a moon during the night. Certainly for early stages of dementia this is ideal.
Calendar mode 2

When cognitive function is impaired, too much information can be confusing, resulting in anxiety and stress. This calendar mode simplifies the information you may want from a clock and helps orientate the user as to what time of day it is. This helps users to sleep and eat at appropriate times.
Calendar mode 3

When somebody has been used to a standard analogue clock it helps to give them something that they are familiar with, even if they can’t always quite process the exact time. The Day and the time of day points them in the right direction.
Calendar mode 4

This calendar mode can be really helpful for the later stages of dementia as well as brain injury and autism. Its very simple but also very pleasing and calming to look at. It doesn’t look out of place in the home either it looks like an attractive ornament as well as being very useful for orientation.

17 Alarm Files
We looked closely at what would be the key reminders that would best fit this product. One thing I was keen to achieve was to relieve anxiety when someone comes to the door. By being able to prompt the user for eg when family will be visiting or when a carer or home helper will be arriving. I also wanted to cover the basic needs of eating a drinking by having meal time prompts. We added feeding a pet as often pets can be neglected when owners cognitive function diminishes. One thing that we didn’t want to do was add unnecessary reminders as we wanted the user to set the appropriate reminder quickly and easily without scrolling through 100’s of options. When we got to 17 we felt as though we had covered everything that we set out to with this.
User input own video or text and audio files
It’s a great thing when family and friends take time to record personal messages for they’re loved ones and it can be very comforting. It had to be very simple to do and have clear instructions. Having now seen a prototype Ravencourt have achieved which is great.

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Lighting for the Elderly

Lighting is such an important aspect of the home and can enable people to stay independent for longer. At the age of 60 our eyes need three times as much light to read. Research suggests that straining the eyes to see and to read in unsuitable light conditions can cause damage to the eye.

We haven’t created a lamp to be cheap or to be used as an ornament. First and foremost our lamps are designed to help you to see well. We achieve this by only using only super bright natural colour LED’s. The clarity that our lamps produce has to be seen to be believed and has been a great help to so many of our customers.

As with all our products we put great care into making sure that our lighting range is user friendly. We reject any fiddly or hard to find and operate buttons or switches. Simplicity is key and our lighting looks great in the home as a by-product.

Anybody serious about reading or crafts should definitely try our lamps.

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An Inspiration at 12 Years Old

A massive well done to Ravencourt’s Director Oli’s stepson Henry for completing a gruelling assault course and raising £250 for the Alzheimer’s Society. Henry said he’s glad to help people with Alzheimer’s and dementia and he would be glad to do it all again to raise money for a good cause.










Well done Henry!! Keep up the good work!

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Thoughtfully Designed Products – Making Products Bigger and Bolder!

Importance of understanding who your customers are and what challenges they face are key issues when designing new products for independent living. In the age of technology it is easy to get carried away with loading products with limitless features and products become smaller and more complex to use. Thoughtfully Designed are taking design back to when life was simple, with easy to use functions and simplicity in use.

Thoughtfully Designed have also been working closely with their customers to better understand the challenges they face and barriers they want to overcome. Sight loss and memory loss is something that affects millions of people in the UK and as we get older we are more at risk of being affected either directly or with a loved one.

Good design becomes ever more important as we get older and products that are designed to ensure they can be used by an older generation that balance good design with simple easy to use functions, good colour contrast, speech and clear instructions are not to be underestimated. Especially were sight and memory loss are a challenge. Thoughtfully Designed are making products that look good in the home but have very practical applications and are based on supporting more independent living.
With the age of technology many products are getting smaller and more complicated, and the team at Thoughtfully Designed are keen to make sure they take advantage of technology but develop products that are easy to use and offer clear benefits to people with sight loss and dementia. Keeping it simple and understanding their customers are crucial in designing products that can really help and provide independence.

Simple tasks around the home can be challenging and telling the time seems like the simplest that many people take for granted. However this can be challenging for people with sight and memory loss. Thoughtfully designed are developing new products that help to provide more independence and reassurance.

A simple key chain with a built in clock is a great gadget, but the clever bit comes in the design element which focuses on the clarity of the speech when you press the button and having easier access to the battery compartment. There are many frustrated customers who have batteries flying all over the place with fiddly battery compartments where you need a screw driver to change the batteries. Thoughtfully designed have eliminated these frustrations by ensuring the battery compartment is easy to access and the product is easy to use.

Product code TDC001 £13.86

The button talking clock has been designed with one very large talking button, the user simply presses the button and the time is spoken in a clear English voice. The battery compartment is easy to access and telling the time couldn’t be simpler. Gone are all the fiddly buttons and in it’s place is one very large button that you press to hear the time.

TDC090 £20.70

The same design process has been incorporated into the easy to see watches with clear bold numbers on a contrasting face. The watch is slimline and looks fashionable but due to the large bold hands and numbers, it is easier to see the time than standard face watches.

TDW01/TDW02 £20.70

Simplicity is key and Thoughtfully Designed are passionate about developing products that look good but offer real benefits to their customers.

Watch out for more thoughtful products from our team. Call 01780 489 100 or visit the website

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What is the Thoughtfully Designed Talking Button Clock? And How Does It Make Life Easier?

The Thoughtfully Designed button clock is ideal for low vision users who struggle to see the mantle or bedside clock. It’s so simple and effective. simply press the button and our loud and clear male English voice speaks the time, press again to hear the date. It also features an alarm setting if needed. It’s very easy to set and features large print instructions. Click HERE to watch a video of the Thoughtfully Designed Button Clock in action. We think the button clock is useful for anybody who’s eyesight isn’t what it used to be not just for the visually impaired.

If this is of interest to you or as a gift for parents or grandparent Click HERE to buy

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Carry On Cooking

Carry on Cooking…

Just because you may not see as well as you used to doesn’t mean that you should lose confidence and stop baking and cooking. Loosing your confidence can have big factor on how independent you are and having the right tools to carry on cooking and baking is key to continued enjoyment in your kitchen.

Top tips from Thoughtfully Designed

Lighting. Make sure you have the right amount of light in your kitchen and sometimes adding extra light under the wall units can increase the amount of light and help you to see better. As well as using a battery operated table light such as the Z light, this can be used while you are measuring ingredients or reading a cook book to offer more light.

Organize the kitchen. A place for everything and everything in its place. Group like items together and store items close to where you’ll be using them. If you have multiples of an item, store one behind the other on the shelf. Also, be sure to store cleaning products separately from foods.

Labelling and being organised in your kitchen is important as you need to know where things are in your cupboards. There are a range of solutions and advice offered by the Disabled Living Foundation to help you keep on top of this.

When you are measuring ingredients talking kitchen scales are ideal as the scales speak measurements in a slow, clear voice, as ingredients are added to the bowl attached. As well as this clever feature, the scales come with an easy to see jug with easy grip handle and pouring spout.

Safety is of utmost importance and ensure you do not have any trailing wires and be careful when handling hot water and pans. Talking meat thermometer allows you to ensure you are cooking meat properly and to the right temperature.

Keep your hands clean and make sure cooked meat and raw meat or kept separate and you use different chopping boards.

Don’t be afraid to cook something new. Be creative, be bold and have fun! With good planning and cooking techniques you’re ready to cook your next mouth-watering meal.


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Action for blind people

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Coming Soon to the Thoughtfully Designed Store

Here at Thoughtfully Designed we are committed to innovation and improvement. We are very excited to be launching brand new products in January 2016 including,

Thoughtfully Designed Talking Kitchen Scale & Easy To See Jug

This talking kitchen scale can measure solids and liquids in Grams, Pounds, Ounces & millilitres. Its got a VERY clear and loud English speaking voice.

The Easy To See Measuring Jug can be purchased separately. It’s useful for anybody who needs reading glasses as well as the visually impaired with its large bold easy to see markings. It also features our Thoughtfully Designed easy grip handle and the spout has an indent which rest neatly on the vessel you wish to pour into.




Thoughtfully Designed Talking Key Chain/Pocket Clock 

This talking pocket clock is very compact and easily portable. It’s easy to set and features our Thoughtfully Designed loud and clear English
male voice. We can’t wait for you to benefit from this product. Ideal for anyone with a degree of sight loss.

Thoughtfully Designed Easy To See Spill Proof Keyboard

If like me you’re not a touch typist, and you wear reading glasses or are unfamiliar with keyboard layout then this is the keyboard for you. don’t worry if you knock over your coffee whilst typing! Unlike other large font keyboards this is completely spill proof.

Not long to wait!! ALL AVAILABLE JAN 2016!!!