We undertook a survey on social media asking teacher’s opinion: Which clock gives pupils a better understanding of time – digital or analogue clocks. Reached people age group: 24-65 years. The absolute winner of this survey was good old-fashioned Analogue clocks.

Here are some thoughts from teachers why an analogue clock is better than a digital clock:

  • “We need to teach analogue time in the modern world as there are still people in this digital world who can’t read analogue time as all kid’s devices have digital time on them.”
  • “Analogue is great for visual effect, there are more teaching opportunities using analogue clocks.”
  • “Brilliant opportunities for differentiation.”
  • “Analogue gives a better understanding of the passing of time.”

Problems with using digital clocks in school environments:

  • “Kids don’t understand why we count to 24 and then start at 0 again.”
  • “Digital clock is more stressful as it clicks down – it is more like a stopwatch.”