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Carry On Cooking

Carry on Cooking…

Just because you may not see as well as you used to doesn’t mean that you should lose confidence and stop baking and cooking. Loosing your confidence can have big factor on how independent you are and having the right tools to carry on cooking and baking is key to continued enjoyment in your kitchen.

Top tips from Thoughtfully Designed

Lighting. Make sure you have the right amount of light in your kitchen and sometimes adding extra light under the wall units can increase the amount of light and help you to see better. As well as using a battery operated table light such as the Z light, this can be used while you are measuring ingredients or reading a cook book to offer more light.

Organize the kitchen. A place for everything and everything in its place. Group like items together and store items close to where you’ll be using them. If you have multiples of an item, store one behind the other on the shelf. Also, be sure to store cleaning products separately from foods.

Labelling and being organised in your kitchen is important as you need to know where things are in your cupboards. There are a range of solutions and advice offered by the Disabled Living Foundation to help you keep on top of this.

When you are measuring ingredients talking kitchen scales are ideal as the scales speak measurements in a slow, clear voice, as ingredients are added to the bowl attached. As well as this clever feature, the scales come with an easy to see jug with easy grip handle and pouring spout.

Safety is of utmost importance and ensure you do not have any trailing wires and be careful when handling hot water and pans. Talking meat thermometer allows you to ensure you are cooking meat properly and to the right temperature.

Keep your hands clean and make sure cooked meat and raw meat or kept separate and you use different chopping boards.

Don’t be afraid to cook something new. Be creative, be bold and have fun! With good planning and cooking techniques you’re ready to cook your next mouth-watering meal.


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