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Coming Soon to the Thoughtfully Designed Store

Here at Thoughtfully Designed we are committed to innovation and improvement. We are very excited to be launching brand new products in January 2016 including,

Thoughtfully Designed Talking Kitchen Scale & Easy To See Jug

This talking kitchen scale can measure solids and liquids in Grams, Pounds, Ounces & millilitres. Its got a VERY clear and loud English speaking voice.

The Easy To See Measuring Jug can be purchased separately. It’s useful for anybody who needs reading glasses as well as the visually impaired with its large bold easy to see markings. It also features our Thoughtfully Designed easy grip handle and the spout has an indent which rest neatly on the vessel you wish to pour into.




Thoughtfully Designed Talking Key Chain/Pocket Clock 

This talking pocket clock is very compact and easily portable. It’s easy to set and features our Thoughtfully Designed loud and clear English
male voice. We can’t wait for you to benefit from this product. Ideal for anyone with a degree of sight loss.

Thoughtfully Designed Easy To See Spill Proof Keyboard

If like me you’re not a touch typist, and you wear reading glasses or are unfamiliar with keyboard layout then this is the keyboard for you. don’t worry if you knock over your coffee whilst typing! Unlike other large font keyboards this is completely spill proof.

Not long to wait!! ALL AVAILABLE JAN 2016!!!

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